"I am not crazy"

Wednesday is therapy day here…

“I am not crazy,” is what the gal said on the call…then she added,

“I just want to know that I am NOT crazy for doing this business.”


adj. crazy
1. Affected with madness; insane.

Marconi’s friends hauled him off to a mental institution to be tested for insanity when he talked about his crazy idea of sound waves and then invented the radio.

Apple’s famous ads asked for them. Yes, they ASKED for crazies.

Everything new, different and not normal was laughed at. But sometimes their crazy idea became a reality we now can’t live without. Light bulb or computer, anyone?

So, perhaps being crazy is OK for some?

However, if the opinions of those around you matter more than your own leanings, and the folks matter to you, then regular may the way to go. For now. If the conflict becomes too much (between what you want and what they want from you), you may come back for more therapy.

Be who you are, crazy or not. Live your favorite you to the fullest you can in the short time you have here.

From a very rare and precious crazy one…

P.S. Yes, I’m proud to be crazy and hope to stay that way.

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  • I am finally learning to be happy in my craziness… I go by, ” to thine ownself be true”. As a cartoonist I see people with dot eyes and lines for smiles. I know I am about 13 short of a dozen, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. The world is a better place because of all us crazy people. Crazies unite!

  • “Crazy is fun indeed…but it’s scary sometimes when the regulars gang up on you…”

    And don’t they ever! But that’s where courage comes in…knowing the dangers but willing to do what we know is right for us. After a while I got used to the idea of people thinking I’m strange.

    Maybe we need to define what area we’re crazy / normal in, since we want to “appear” to be like a normal business. We’re normal when it comes to describing our business but crazy when it comes to employing ourselves in a proven system instead of working for someone else’s system & financial security.

    Just my 3 cents….. 🙂

  • I can relate personally to this thread. Yes, the naysayers are found everywhere; from family, to co-workers, to friends, to even people in your business – your own distributors! Most of this (if not all of it) is totally self-made, self-perpetuated; it’s not even reality, it’s what we’ve bought into as “reality”. The only thing I have to say to naysayers is this: “If you have something else that works, or works better than this, let me know. I’ll be the first one to try it.” They have nothing else to offer, as most naysayers always know what NOT to do, but don’t have solutions, or what TO DO. Until they have something better than I do, I will listen to myself.

    What scares me more than anything (any mistake, etc.) is coming to the end of my life and regetting not taking more chances, listening to my heart; instead listened to those that lived with fear. I choose to live with abundance. I realize that I’ve had to let go of certain people in my life because I’ve had no choice. My first allegiance is to myself and my 7 kids. It is up to me to provide for them (along with my husband) and be a role model for them. Again, none of these naysayers pay for anything that my kids or I need. So again, if they’re willing to contribute financially (which no one is), then don’t interrupt my quest and journey for financial freedom, for that of prosperity and abundance.

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