Never check your email first or last…

Thursday is New School/Old School

Old: check email first and last; New: never check your email first or last…
“I used to have this routine where I would check my email, go to bed, wake up, eat breakfast, and check my email again. I used to believe that this was the way to do things; by making sure I didn’t miss anything throughout the night. I figured…”

End of this delightful piece here.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Good advice, especially having a plan that will help you deal with the e-mail quickly – and keep the inbox cleaned out. Like stacks of paper or magazines everywhere, piles of unwashed clothes or closets of unworn clothes, a full inbox drains your energy – something else to remind you of what you haven’t done. Quite a sense of control and freedom to get it down to zero, with the goal of keeping it there.

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