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Have you ever been on a cruise? Except for coming to America on the boat, I’ve thought about it, but have never done it.

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Each week I’ll feature tips from members of Network Marketing Central, people who are advocates and doers of something you might like to know about.

1. Cruise tip

I asked NMC member Michelle Sanchez, who takes 3-4 cruises every year, what cruise travel tips she had.

“Funny you should ask – I’m promoting the cruise deal of the year right now – $300 for 7 nights to Bahamas/Virgin Islands in November. I have never found a cruise fare that low for that ship and itinerary. It is a large group of people all mixed together – some networkers, some friends, some family, some travel clients, etc. At that price, everyone wants to go.

“I love group cruises. It enhances the cruise experience to share the fun and excitement with people you know. There is so much to do on a ship, and if you are traveling as a couple or as a small group, that might mean that you all have to go it alone if you don’t all want to join in the same activity. However, if you have a group, it is very likely that somebody in the group will want to join you so you don’t have to do it alone. Dining is an event on any ship and dining with a group of people you know is extra special…The bigger the group, the better the pricing and perks get. It’s also possible to write it off IF you do some business…but that’s up to you…

I have a Report “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cruising but Were Afraid to Ask!” that Details Every Step from Packing to the End of the Cruise” – Michelle Sanchez

And here’s a link to more members of NMC’s travel club, all people who love to travel. Some don’t sell any travel, they just do it and love to talk about it. They might have some good tips for those of you with wanderlust.

Two dog care tips

These are both from NMC member Robin.

“This book is priceless to me and changed the way I care for my dogs. There’s no techno talk or big doctor words like so many books.

8 Weeks To A Healthy Dog – by Shawn Messonnier, D.V.M.

Also check out this site for info about Holistic vets

Other NMC animal lovers who might have useful tips -click here.

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  • I agree with you, Michelle, going on a cruise with a group is much more fun than going by yourself.

    I’ve only been on two cruises so far. The first one to the Bahamas as a family with the kids who were small at the time. We did have lots of fun, but we did everything ‘alone’.

    However, the second cruise, which was a business cruise through the Caribbean with the company I was with at the time was much more memorable. The atmosphere was totally different. Although there were workshops and trainings it didn’t feel like it. We had so much fun doing things together as a group with our fellow networkers. Like I said, it was a totally different experience.

    That makes me think…maybe we should have a NMC cruise ;o)

    Ilka :o)

  • I have never been on a cruise and never had a real desire but it actually is enticing after reading today’s blog.

    These are great ideas to help us promote our business within the network marketing circle.

    Thanks Kim,
    Nancy Carlson @NMC

  • I think one of the greatest things about cruises is that there is something for everyone. I’ve seen families of several generations do a cruise together and they can spend as much time or as little all together as they want to. All the major cruise lines now have special programs for children and for teenagers. They have their own separate areas on the ship tailored to their specific likes. This gives Mom and Dad a chance to have some quality time for just the two of them. Cruise lines also provide some specials where if you buy two tickets perhaps for a suite, additional tickets can be purchased for $100 or $200 instead of the full price. On our last cruise, the suite we stayed in, had a king size bed and a queen size sofabed.

    People can be as active as they want with rock climbing, jogging, putting greens, pool sports; and that’s just on the ship. On excursions you can rent power boats, personal watercraft, bikes, etc. or you can just lie on a georgeous beach and relax.

    Our personal preference was to have relaxation time away from the fast pace of our life. We enjoyed having breakfast on our private verandah, sunning, having our own wine selection at the specialty restaurant on board, where the service was impeccable. My husband loves that he gets to see different places and has to unpack only one time.

    You can learn a lot from visiting the sites of the cruise lines and viewing pictures of the different cabins, seeing how much square footage each has; and you can check out all the amenities onboard before you make your decision. The absolute best research, I think, is to talk with someone who has had really great experiences with their own personal cruise. I love to tell other people things that I enjoyed a lot and try to help them have excellent experiences too. You can also learn what to avoid by talking to someone who has experience cruising.

    I’ve cruised on Royal Caribbean and Holland America, but in August, I’m going to tour a Carnival ship with other travel agents and I’m looking forward to seeing the differences.

    I find cruising to be a great experience for me, but I would urge everyone to do some research before booking your cruise and talk to someone who knows.


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