Dare to focus?

From a conversation today with the CEO of a forward looking network marketing company…

Here’s the biggest obstacle he sees re his company’s reps not making more sales or bringing in more recruits than they do:

“Far too many people use the little time they have trying to do too many things,” he said. ‘Focus’ in my opinion is the key. When I speak with Reps and I do that on a daily basis – they are juggling too many balls; trying internet, speaking with people – home demonstrations. I am of the opinion focusing on one as the main way is best. Far too many people use the little time they have trying to do too many things…”

He’s not the only one saying that…

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Kim Klaver


  • Years ago I read this and never forgot it. I even wrote it down.

    "The ability to FOCUS on one goal and organize all efforts to reach it – that is said to be what the big money makers have in common."


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • The concept of personal productivity is highly relevant to the network market industry since so many people work it part time. Squeezing in an extra 30 minutes a day can mean 33% more time for your business!

    Two things that have helped me produce as much as possible in limited time:

    1) Standard Work Checklist

    I have a checklist of the short administrative items I have to do in the morning, during the day, and in the evening. When I get up, I start going down the list and checking off things as quickly as possible. This gets the busy work done as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can move to the more value added work.

    2) Pomodoro Technique

    It's a very simple technique where you focus 100% for 25 minutes, and then you can take a break. It great for getting started on things that are big. "Okay, maybe I can't do it all, but I can at least focus for 25 minutes."

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)
    Slight Edge Sponsoring

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  • This is a hard one. To say do the 'job' only one way (for example only do home meetings) is very restrictive in today's world. On the other hand we only have so many hours in a day.

    I've narrowed it down to one can only put time and effort into one networkmarketing company at a time. But finding a niche – one successful, for me, method of marketing – that is hard.

    Looking for suggestions…..

  • Okay, Walter and Paul, those are good thoughts/comments. But, unless I'm missing the question here, I gather what we are looking on is focussing on one thing as in doing all our recruiting how: blind phone calls? talking to people in the malls? going door to door? looking for possibilities on the inter net? advertising home meetings?

    The question I *think* I get is do we focus on only one of the above and putting all our time and energy in recruiting that way, or will we be successful in doing a bit of all the above, depending on where we are, etc.

    As the expression goes, s there really more than one way to skin a cat? (& I am not a cat hater – it's just an old saying!)

    Puzzled Peggy from Porcupine

  • Peggy, you're right!

    Although . . . my observation has been different. I don't observe people trying too many things at once; rather, I see someone try one thing, give up on it, try another, give up on it, etc.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)
    Slight Edge Sponsoring

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  • Funny that you brought up the topic of "Focus" today, Kim. I just talked to a friend about it today too.

    I find myself "distracted" by too many methods of marketing at times also. It's hard to work that way.

    The one method of marketing I would really like to master is social networking. Our new warm market is only a click away on the internet today. While I have no problem connecting with people on Facebook, Ryze and Twitter, etc. I need to work on the follow up and staying in touch part of building that relationship.


    I may be all wet, but in answering your question, I would say, pick one method that suits you and your situation best and master that one…and then you can add another one.

    Y'all have a great weekend!


  • yes, multi-tasking is flawed; there are just too many things for us to do to build our mlm business to learn; I have been guilty of this myself; one thing isn't working; try something else; now that I'm sticking with one thing; I'm having much more success; the internet!

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