Did it really take one day? Yes and no…

Check out this neat 5 minute vid.

This young gent shows you how he increased his income from marketing one of his products – by 500% – on one day.

It’s true, the numbers show it. But it’s also not true. Two questions:

How’s it true?

How’s it NOT true?

Vid here. Use Comments below.

P.S. Cool vid, btw, I will use it immediately. But is it really as easy or quick as it Well, yes and no. Which is which? (Assume the numbers are accurate.)

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Kim Klaver


  • Although he was able to increase his profits “overnight” he already had a list of people to start marketing too and also a list to offer to others.

    Without the initial lists, nothing would increase as 5 time 0 is still 0


    Lawrie Walters

  • Hi Kim,

    It’s true, but with the caveat that Lawrie mentions.

    With the skills Trey has developed, it took him about 2 hours from inspiration to implementation, so in that sense, it’s true.

    The heart of why this worked is that he had a product that the other marketers could promote to their own lists. He has cred that the newbie Internet marketer doesn’t.

    Would this work for me, If I bought the course and implemented this strategy? That’s what is being implied, and I know Frank’s reputation so I imagine it’s an excellent course.

    But honestly I’ve yet to see anyone get stellar results like this who doesn’t have a large mailing list already.

    That’s the big draw for JV’s. Fresh people to put your offer in front of. This is glossed-over, but to me is the heart and soul of “instant” results like this.

    That said, I’m always willing to be wrong and I may pick up this course on Thursday to find out:-)


    Tracy Austin
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  • Tracy and Lawrie…

    Yep he did have a product…but so do all network marketers have a product.

    Tracie…you write: “He has cred that the newbie Internet marketer doesn’t.”

    He did things that took more than those two hours to get that cred. Did you note down what he said he did on the vid…before he googled possible affiliate types?

    They’re things we all can do…

    Might take a week, though…

    The list, anyone?

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