Did they teach you to find her "hot button"?

Have you been told that the way to sell your company’s products is to find the other woman’s “hot button” and when you do, push it and go for the sale?

That may take a few conversations. Plus it’s kind of fake, isn’t it, to make friends so you can find their hot button and then try to sell the person something…?

Lots of women tell me they don’t like making friends just so they can sell them, so they don’t do it.

Here’s an alternative. Use your hot button. Yes.

When someone asks you what you do, instead of mumbling the name of the company, or some other type of seller talk, try leading with YOUR hot button. E.g.

THEM: So, what do you do?

YOU: I market a product for someone who has achy knees going up and down the stairs, like I used to. And they don’t want to use drugs or do surgery, like me. Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

You are telling YOUR personal story. No hype, no promises. Just your story.

And who do you think will respond? EVERYONE? Or just the ones where there’s a match, like when you find that right pair of shoes? Or perhaps, they refer someone who knows someone like the person you have just described?


That way you find people like you to begin with. 🙂

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