"I still think twice before I buy anything." Oprah, 9.04

Can you believe it?

“I still think twice before I buy anything,” writes Oprah. She always asks herself, “How will this fit in with what I already have? Am I just caught up in the moment?”

How will a woman with this attitude react to the constant male push in our industry, to close close close, and the sooner the better, and the bigger that first package you push onto the woman, the more there is to gloat about?

How many of you, the women (80% of the industry) agree with Oprah? And is there ANY sales training directed at this majority? So we learn how to stop turning off all those women? And yes, I include the women culprits who have fallen into this pushy style unwittingly.

Oprah writes that she can now afford anything she wants, BUT one of her “I know for sure’s” is “that you enjoy everything a lot more when you’re not overreaching. This is how you know you’ve shopped smart: You bring home a purchase and there’s not a tinge of remorse, and whateever you got feels better to you ten days later than it did when you first bought it.”

Her concluding advice to women about spending money without thinking twice: “You’re a smart cookie. Let the world know it.”

Shall we learn to plan for a second date?

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