Dilemma: quality or distribution?

What matters more in the success of a product or a business?

Their quality? Or

Their distribution?

Of course you need both, I’m talking about your primary focus here.

Apple seems to be following the high quality model with their iPod and iPhone. Steve Jobs’ mission: build “insanely great products.” People who have them can’t stop talking about them. So far so good for the quality model. Expensive, but worth it to the faithful.

McDonald’s however, proves that quality does not rule success mountain. Most people don’t go there because they think McDonald’s makes the best burgers on the planet. Actually most people think they can make WAY better burgers at home. But the Big Mac faithful think they’re cheap, convenient and fun.

The Big Mac machine succeeds with a giant and efficient distribution system – thousands of stores and drive-thru’s. Who can miss those big arches on almost every corner, on highway stops? They’re even in hospitals, schools and military bases.

So what do you focus on as a distributor of your business?

1) Ways to get the word out about your business – the distribution? Or

2) Do you want to focus on the quality – i.e. making the business work better for people so that those who now are doing will have a better experience and give you better word of mouth?

Both of these take time, both are necessary for big success. You need both. But without focus, your success is doomed.

If you had to choose one to FOCUS on FIRST, which would it be at this point in your career?

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  • What works best for me is working with a smaller number of people and giving quality training and encouragement.

    I become elated when I see people do well in their business; but it affects me negatively when I see people do poorly, especially when their performance could have been improved by something I helped them learn.

    We all know that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. We can give the greatest teaching and encouragement in the world, but it is ultimately up the to the person to take advantage of what is provided.

    However, if we are just throwing people in, no matter how large the numbers, and not giving them the proper training and tools for success, very few will be successful.


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