I feel like a doorknob…

Today I spent another four hours reviewing strategies and techniques in the Internet Marketing program I’m doing.

Good thing I like the information because after today, I feel like my marketing self has been a doorknob. Now, someone just showed me the doorknob was attached to a door, which opens into a room, and that room – well it’s only one of many in a giant mansion. A marketing mansion.

Goodness, how simple it was to think that focusing on content was the main event. And how limiting. Sigh.

The good news: I’m still above ground so I can still do something about it. I’ll keep you posted.

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Kim Klaver


  • I am feeling the same way today.

    I am starting a new marketing program that I think will help my leaders build their organizations much faster and stronger than before, but I am finding that there are doors to open that I knew nothing about.

    Fortunately I have a great upline leader that is here to help his team succeed!!


  • Hey Kim,

    What a hoot that YOU should feel this way — I’ve always felt like a doorknob in the marketing world, not knowing which way to turn! Your candor gives me hope.

    I spent today fiddling with a newsletter via Constant Contact, to send out for my practice. It’s creative yet maddening because I am a klutz with tech stuff. And yet you’re so right about the huge possibilities once you open that internet door. I love it, alternating with screeching like a crazed weasel!

    Have fun,

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