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Do as they do…Maybe.

picasso double faceDo as they do…Maybe. But don’t hold your breath
for similar results in a similar time period.

A coach to whom you paid $1.5K told you to:

1) contact people on FB, based on profile similarities, or

2) join relevant groups and make helpful contributions, offer to help some with their business.

3) then, connect with the “open” ones, get a phone number, call them and try to sell them.

OK sounds good.

Coach says she/he did that and in 6 weeks, got 400 leads and made 20 sales for income of $4,900. And has a list to market to, now.

OK sounds good. YOU do that and…

After 6 weeks: Five phone numbers (3 wrong numbers), and one sale. Earn $7.

What’s the problem?  Is it you?  Maybe…

But here’s a more likely a reason…

The coach was 1) already known – or 2) closely related to someone known to be successful – when the coach was doing what they’re now teaching you…

Being known (or connected to successful peeps) when you’re marketing – will make a big difference in who and how fast others respond to you.

If you don’t have that edge you won’t have the same results in the same time period even if you do the exact same thing the guru did, word for word. People are drawn to successful people and to those with ready access to successful people.

Wouldn’t you respond faster to someone you see as an authority versus someone you never heard of?

Simple as that.

If I reach out to someone on FB, I’d bet – and so would you – that I’d get an audience faster than someone who is not known or successful yet.


Bottom line…Yes do what they do. But don’t expect the speed, or level of income, or # of leads generated in the same short time they did.

Because you don’t have that edge – you’re not known or connected to a known person (which of course they’ll use to entice someone else to respond).

=> To do that same thing in more like the time the ‘guru’ did, do this:

FIRST, set yourself up as an authority on say, FB. THEN YOU will have some credibility when others look you up. Which most everyone will do. You can get set up an an authority even if you have not made money yet. In the meantime, they can also earn some extra cash on sites such as เริ่มเล่นที่ UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบ.

There are different ways to set yourself up as a celeb to your niche on FB. Not expensive, either.

PS Showed a gent how to do that in 45 mins today. With instructions on how to set up his FB page, what content to put on it, and to whom and how to promote that content so that he – in the next four weeks – can become a celebrity to his unique audience. So he can build his list and market to them, like his coach did.

PPS Want to learn how to market your business on Facebook?  Click here for a short email series that shows you how…

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