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How To Become an Authority To Your Prospects In 3 Steps


Here is a fast effective “authority” tip I just picked up tonight…

(from a free workshop I was on just now –

Yay Cartoon Owl“How to become an authority’ – to your prospects”



Should take you 3-5 enjoyable minutes.

1.  Pull out your notes from any workshop or event
where you took lots of notes.

2. Sit down with a highlighter, and highlight the best ah ha’s.

3. Now choose three related points.  And share.  Yes. SHARE.
Here are some ways:

 – Make a 2-3 minute video describing what you learned…

     – Write a 2-5 paragraph post for your blog or FB page

     – Make an audio – yep use your iPhone – and put that up.

Nothing fancy.  The more “reality-like” you look, the more others relate.

Here’s what you’ve done – if you post this on your blog or FB page:

1) You’ve become a mini authority to your readers on that topic.

2) You taught your prospects something.

3) You’ve become a teacher.  Teachers have authority.

Don’t they?

Here’s where I learned this…from the sales presentation (no cost):

And yes, the gent HAS a program you can buy, with
more detailed implementation. Very inexpensive compared to
other programs out there. But I don’t care if you buy it or not

Because this intro workshop alone – no cost – is worth
more than many PAID workshops I’ve been on…And...

PS I like this program SO much (going through it right now) that I
am offering my own Authority Marketer program ($297) as
a bonus 
for someone who gets Ray’s program through this link.


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