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Don’t let technology hold you back…

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Yes, Virginia, there IS YES TECH involved in marketing online. But you don’t personally have to do it.

=> Money is made from making sales, and creating and managing teams and content.

=> For every type of work, there is someone who LOVES doing it. And is GREAT at it!  So instead of sweating eight hours on setting up your blog, and you decide after ALL that, you have just a mediocre looking blog or Facebook page…And you’re about to hit the happy pills…

STOP. Hire a VA for that. VA = Virtual Assistant.

They can be had for $3-9/hour. Yep. And best?

They LOVE what they do. LOVE tech. LOVE setting up blogs. LOVE setting up formatting…and setting up the email autoresponder.


Unless your business is technology, you’ll probably lose money (and self esteem) doing that. For hours and hours, and days and days.

PS. If you really want some help in writing up your stuff in an engaging way so you stand out, check out this wonderful blog and email writing program, which I have and love…Affordable, for once, too.

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