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Ladies: Make them ask for it…

Easy Lay girl singleMake them ask for it…
When you’re sending an email (or posting something on FB) – and you’re
trying to sell or recruit – make them ask for the link.
Do NOT include the  stacked links at the bottom of your initial email – or on your post like her let warmers…HA.
That way:

1) You don’t look like an “easy lay” as we said as teenagers about certain girls…Everything out there all the time (links to all your stuff)

2) You don’t come across like everyone else – screamy seller

And extra neat:

3) Those who ask are likely to have a genuine interest.

Surprise bonus: YOU stand out.

With no links on that initial email or post about your thing, you are suddenly NOT like everyone else.

Readers will be SO surprised  when they see no links, they’ll instantly wonder what you have…

Here’s a way I do that…

A few years ago I was promoting a card sending service…
And became the #1 Builder there for their big company-wide contest, 
7 weeks into it.

I promoted almost entirely on FB and in PS marketing in my emails. 
I NEVER gave a link. Not once. Every single person had to ask for it.

Relatively few did. (100 emails sent, maybe 9 link requests.)

But those who did, got a demo, and I’d say 87–96% bought the service. 

And some became distributors too.

Being mysterious ALWAYS works better than letting it all hang out.

PS Really girls, do you want to look like that “easy lay” online?
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