Do Not Call List Tops 200 Million

This week:

“The Federal Trade Commission announced a milestone this week: its Do Not Call registry has just passed 200 million numbers.

“It’s quite amazing that any of this came to pass, really. When the registry was being considered back in 2002, telemarketing opposition was fierce, and for obvious reasons. The industry was large, powerful, and willing to be unbelievably annoying. It also saw quite clearly that a tough Do Not Call rule would chop off its business at the knees…More here.”

Who’d have thought that sales people calling at dinner time to sell us irrelevant stuff could have brought on such a violent reaction from 200 million people? Each of them had to find and fill in a long and boring form to get onto that leave-me-alone list.

Of course, some folks have found ways around it. Still, it shows you the attitude of the country – do not call me with irrelevant stuff at home.

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Kim Klaver


  • The do not call list reminds me of something I was told at a seminar. "Those who are the most afraid to buy are the most afraid to sell."

    Telemarketing calls are annoying but the mindset that puts together a do not call registry also keeps people from getting what they want.

  • When prospecting, I have an offer that is clear, understandable and short. Then I ask them if that is something that they want.

    If they say any form or "No", then I say, "Okay. Goodbye."

    I disqualify people, verses qualifying them.

    I have yet to run into any problems with the Do Not Call list with this type of mindset and offer.

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