Do you have your buyer persona profile ready?

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Instead of just selling your product or business by describing its wonders, you focus on the person who’s a likely fit…no, not everyone.

One way marketers do this is by creating a buyer persona profile.

“A buyer persona profile is a short biography of the typical customer, not just a job (or product-kk) description, but a person description…The buyer persona profile gives you a chance to truly empathize with target buyers, to step out of your role as someone who wants to promote a product and see, through your buyers’ eyes, the circumstances that drive their decision process.

“The buyer persona profile includes information on the typical buyer’s background daily activities, and current solutions for their problems. The more experience you have in your market, the more obvious the personas become.” in Scott, p 119 here.

Readers of this blog know NMers have an edge because they can start with themselves – why they bought the product or got into the business. YOU can create your first buyer persona profile based on yourself. (Tips to start the process are in the orange book here.)

Why do this?

David Scott writes:

Marketers and PR pros are often amazed at the transformation of their materials and programs as a result of buyer persona profiling.

“When you really know how your buyers think and what matters to them, you eliminate the agony of guessing about what to say or where and how to communicate with buyers,” says Revella.

“Marketers tell me that they don’t have time to build buyer personas, but these same people are wasting countless hours in meetings debating about whether the message is right. And of course, they’re wasting budgets building programs and tools that don’t resonate with anyone. It’s just so much easier and more effective to listen before you talk.”

Have you started creating your buyer persona profile yet? For your favorite product, to start?

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