Here’s why you’re not selling your product…

Do you have a great product?

“Yes!” you say. “And I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t fall all over themselves to get it, too! It’s breakthrough and totally stand alone!”

OK let’s grant you that. But did you know that marketing is not ONLY about your products?

I was so taken with that discovery a few years ago, that I ended up writing my number #1 selling book: “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?

The book assumes that your product is great.

Here’s the problem, says PR and marketing guru D.M. Scott in his new book here:

“What works is a focus on your buyers and their problems. What fails is an egocentric display of your products and services.”

So what should be on that blog or web page then??

Well, Scott suggests this:

“While information on your organization and products is certainly valuable on the inner pages of your site, what visitors really want is content that first describes the issues and problems they face and then provides details on how to solve those problems.”

I know you want to sell your product (or business). But telling others how great those are does not “describe the issues and problems they face.”

Does it?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,
    How truuue…it is. Clients want to hear what benefits they’re going to receive.
    As we say, “It’s notabout you.”

    Thanx for all you do.

    Lynda Chase
    Arbonne International

  • I sat through a business presentation once where the guy talked for over an hour, going on and on about how they had the best company, the best comp plan and the best products. I was only half listening because I had heard it all before about every other company. He made one statement about what the product did and he had my attention. He had my attention because I had a problem that the product would fix. I became a customer. He could have cut down his presentation and saved himself a lot of time if he had just bothered to find out what I needed in the first place.

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