Truth about creativity in NM?

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”
~ Edward de Bono

Do we need that creative bug to make a success of an NM business or should we just “duplicate” what the upline (or whomever) is doing?

Your take?

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Kim Klaver


  • Absolutely positively needed. We in the industry must all be very creative in creating our stories exposing our U.S.P. and asking the right questions of our suspects and prospects. With the changing of technology we must be creative to meet the masses where they are and effectively sort them, and that requires creativity.

  • Speaking for myself and my experience in marketing, my success is from being creative. I do have a great group of very creative people including my “upline” but I don’t rely on them alone. Besides I like testing what I want to do. If I try to only duplicate what others are doing, where does that leave me if their way fails?

    Great reminder Kim.


  • Great question, Kim, you’re speaking my language here.

    To me, creativity can make the difference between a potential customer or team member wanting to connect with one person versus someone else. Taking the extra steps to personalize a website, business card, or phone message can separate one marketer from all the other marketers competing for limited attention spans.

    With regard to network or affiliate marketing, even when I know what I’m looking for and find the product through an online search, if there’s nothing unique being offered, nothing original, simply a copy-cat site with no blurb about the person I’m thinking of spending money or time with, I keep looking.

    And when I am working on my blog or website, which are my favorite ways to reach out, I try to sprinkle some of my personality in with the information I want to convey. Someone might be looking for more technical, linear informer and that’s ok, they’ll keep looking. But I like having fun while I’m learning, and want to have fun while I’m helping someone else. Those are the customers and team members I want to connect with. Otherwise neither of us is feeling valued and we might just as well go wash the dishes.


  • Interesting question. Just the other day my enroller and I discussed the same thing.

    She is a very successful network marketer and when I ask her what the secret to her success was, she said “I never allowed my enroller to cast me according to her beliefs”

    This is amazing because most of us tend to try and be like other successful people and in the process never develop our own amazing creativity and style.

    I belief we should get the recipe from our enrollers but mix our own icing for the cake

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