Doctor, I keep having this dream…

(Hear the AUDIO here. Turn on audio really loud.)

“In my dream, I’m in this sea of people and there’s money everywhere. I keep reaching for it but it keeps moving away as I am about to grab it.

What does that mean?”

DR. WOO: “Your subconscious mind may be telling you that you’re doing something wrong, or that you don’t deserve the money, or that you’re in the wrong sea of people.

No matter what it is, do this: Close your eyes… Relax your eyes and the muscles behind your eyes…Relax your shoulders….Soften your heart and gently go back to the dream.

See yourself reaching for the money…and getting the money…You’re getting the money…and now you have all you want…Enjoy the feeling…

When you’re ready, come back from your dream and recall what caused you to get the money.

Did you grow a longer arm?
Did you scoop the money with a butterfly net?
Did you sing to the people and suddenly the money started coming to you?
Did the type of people in the sea change?
How much money did you get? Was it a little or a lot?

Pleasant dreams~~~

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