I woke up tired today…

palmso I took a Palm Day.

Do you know about Palm Days?

People who work from home need them extra. Because it’s so easy to feel guilty every moment if you’re not “doing something” for your business.

In my last network marketing organization, we (our leadership team) so often forgot to take time to just vej (anyone know how to spell this word?), that we declared Palm Days at least twice a month. We’d put a big palm tree image on every monthly calendar in at least two places, and announce Palm Days in advance.

A Palm Day meant you could go to the gym, enjoy the workout, and accost no one. You could attend an event and NOT bring up the business. Everyone was given permission to just ENJOY everyone around them; no planning or scheming about when and how to approach someone for the business. And we all agreed that no one would be waiting at home or call you day after Palm Day to nag, “Did you talk to anyone about the business?”

Palm Day. A good thing. Think?

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Kim Klaver


  • Exactly. Tonight would have been a great opportunity for me to hit the prospecting hard. But I decided to take a walk with the kids instead. Gotta keep balance!

    — Walter from Appleton, WI

  • As a leader in my company and this industry you are right on the mark with that one!

    I use a calandar book and highlighters.. i also schedule a date night!! If your not on that book ..your not in my head!

    sometimes i just turn my ringer off and dont prospect.. Just run out and swim with the kids!

    Katherine Ahching Kalolo
    Marketing Domestic Diva

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