Does anyone have a fast start bonus for customers?

We know all about the fast start bonuses for recruiting distributors. No problem.

Does anyone have a fast start bonus for getting a customer (who does not sign up to sell)? And does anyone pay a rention bonus for keeping a customer for 12 months straight? Like an extra $50 or $100?

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  • This is how Pharmanex rewards finding customers –

    Pharmanex gives a $10 bonus for every customer that signs up for auto-ship after getting a BioPhotonic Scanner reading, pays $5 bonus per month every time the customer gets re-scanned as long as they stay on auto-ship.

    A distributor who signs up 10 customers on auto-ship for $25 or more will get a bonus worth about $270 for that month.

    Pharmanex also has promotions such one currently running in May. Get 5 customers on a $100 auto-ship, and you double your commissions on those customers.

    As far as I know, there is no bonus for keeping a long-term customer.

    Walter from Appleton, WI

  • In the Pharmanex comp plan, there is no minimum volume required to get paid on customers. A distributor will get 6% on all customer purchases, until she/he becomes an Executive (>$2000 per month in sales), and then you get an extra 9% to 15% on top of that based on volume.

    The comp plan does require, though, that you personally have 100 PV to get a check.

    — Walter

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  • Fruta Vida does. 🙂 50% of the initial order. So for single bottle orders ($39.95) we pay out $20 and for 4 bottles (139.95) we pay $70. Then the residual is $15 for single bottles, $50 for 4 bottles. So when I get my 100 customers in 100 days just like me 😉 I’ll be at $5,000 a month residual. 200 customers is $10,000 residual which is better than most companies pay for recruits. The pay out is even better for our new Slim for life pack. Guess FV really believes in selling the product and paying people to do it huh?

    PS: These are not retail prices either. The customers pay the same amount as the seller. The only requirement is basically you get paid on your memebership level which means if you’re a Standard (1 bottle) member, you earn the standard commission on all orders and a Premium (4 bottle) earns the Premium commission. Most people are premium for the simple fact they LOVE the product! A company that actually pays you well enough to make a six figure income whether or not you ever recruit. How uncanny LOL! Irecently made the switch back to FV because I really got tired of the recruit, recruit, recruit, mentality. I’ve had my organizations stolen twice so I more than ever see the value of customers.

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