"People were stunned and shocked when they saw the change…"

“…because they never were oriented that way, but now that people are getting oriented that way, it’s so much fun.” So said Montie from CA, Young Living rep on our call the other day.

Oriented what way? Why for amassing customers in addition to recruiting, of course.

Last year, and for many prior years, Young Living would have gotten the Pyramid Quack award. Their pay plan has been anti-customer for years.

Here’s what I know from hundreds of YL students in my 100 customers classes, and from a dear friend who’s been a rep for Young Living for years: They were so fixated on getting their people to recruit, that they didn’t pay for customer orders you’d get – unless you put the customer UNDER another recruit.(!!)

So if you found a customer, you’d have to find someone (or a name) to put them under, so you could get paid on their order. My friend, an experienced past networker, found that so silly that she found another place to get essential oils.

There’s a pay plan that has quacked like a pyramid for years. Virtually no money in customers, all the focus and money in the recruiting.

But last year, according to the YL reps on our 5.2.06 conference call, that changed. YL now pays their reps for customer orders and the customers don’t have to be placed under some other recruit first.

“It’s totally changed. We get 24% on customers now. I was there when it used to be like you said and it’s completely changed,” Montie told everyone. “Not only do we get a great percent on customers now, but we get bonuses if we gather more customers. It’s fun now!”

Well, halleluja, Young Living, for making that change. Big indeed.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Hi Kim!

    I just read the blog about Young Living comp plan. Thank you for mentioning it.

    You know, I didn’t tell you yet, but because of you I met Montie (YL rep) at one of your calls. We exchanged tel. numbers, became friends and about a month ago I finished my sponsorship change process. Remember I didn’t have a sponsor? It took me 6 weeks but it was worthy. Now Montie is my sponsor and she’s great. She recently came to L.A. and we finally met.

    And because of you also, my husband accepts that I do YL. He loved the article “Is it a pyramid…?” by the way.

    He’s totally square (Mechanical Engineer from the Royal Australian Air Force, now he’s a Project Mananger) and always hated the industry. I’m open and flexible like lots of Brazilians. I think is the ‘samba’ influence.:)

    Now he accepts I do the business because I’m following your guidelines. He’s also really impressed about your resume, of course.

    I’ll let you know when I get my first 100 customers.

    Thank you so much for you simplicity and great inspiration.

    I’ll be on the call tomorrow, for sure.

    Have a lovely weekend.


    p.s. I attached the comp. plan and customers plan for you to take a look. I’m glad I started my YL business after the plan has changed.

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