Does anyone know how the money gets made here?

When someone asks you, “How does this work? How do you make money with this?” Nearly every single person in network marketing stammers out something different – even people representing the same company.

“Well, we develop people and help them get financial independence.”

“Oh, we teach people how to change their lives.”

And when it gets to specifics, even within companies, no one agrees.

On a recent conference call with 50 reps, all veterans of 5 years or more from one company listening in, I asked the group how much they’d make if they got a new customer who spends $100/mo on their products.

No one could agree on what they’d make. NO ONE. They finally settled on an amount, but there was still disagreement.

Pay plans can be complex in our field, but if those in it cannot agree on something as simple as “what do you make when you get a customer who spends $100/mo?” then how in the world will anyone of them explain to a prospective business partner how the money gets made?

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  • Some people can be confused by this because it all depends on what level they are with there company and sometimes with what product the customer purchases. You can just say “When a whole sale customer makes a 100 dollar purchase I make 20 dollars.”

  • Indeed someone can just say “I make $20 when someone buys $100 worth of product” but they don’t.

    Because they either don’t know, or get all wrapped up in the names of the bonuses and percents they get.

    That’s the problem the post points out. How can someone tell someone else they’ll show them how to make money when they cannot clearly describe in layman’s terms how they make money themselves?

    Here’s one way to do it – “When a customer orders $100 worth of product, they pay us $5-30, depending on your level. And your level depends on what you’ve sold. The more you sell the more you make.”


    Thanks for your input.

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