"Don’t cry over things that…"

“…can’t cry over you.”

So writes New York Times’ Maureen Dowd in a lovely and touching piece about getting too tangled up in our underwear about the things we sometimes want too much – from income, to position and stature, page views, rank, things – whatever it is we almost unconsciously continue to seek (or protect) in our world…

My favorite part of her reflection on the Christmas holidays:

“Are you willing … to own, that probably the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life, but what you are going to give to life; to close your book of complaints against the management of the universe and look around you for a place where you can sow a few seeds of happiness … to make a grave for your ugly thoughts and a garden for your kindly feelings …? Then you can keep Christmas.””

See here.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Hi Kim,

    I am not sure of the greater talent; the writers you share with us or your ability to find them.

    Reminded me of my grumpy Austrian grandfather who always reproved me whenever I said I loved this or I loved that. He would tell me that we can like things fine, but we save our love for people.

    Good stuff, Kim. Thanks.

    Tom Doiron

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