Drug Maker Said to Pay Ghostwriters for Journal Articles

Just in from the New York Times

“Wyeth, the pharmaceutical company, paid ghostwriters to produce medical journal articles favorable to its female hormone replacement therapy Prempro, according to Congressional letters seeking more information about the company’s involvement in medical ghostwriting. At least one article was published even after a federal study found the drug raised the risk of breast cancer…

“Any attempt to manipulate the scientific literature, that can in turn mislead doctors to prescribe drugs that may not work and/or cause harm to their patients, is very troubling,” Mr. Grassley, an Iowa Republican, wrote Friday to Wyeth’s chairman and chief executive, Bernard J. Poussot.” More here. (PDF here in case).

I guess the clear notice at the top of the article: “I was paid to write this by the manufacturer of this drug” (or product or service) doesn’t have the same ring of authority, does it?

I also write positive things about products I like. Including products where I own part of the company, like the Pops. Because I love the Pops.

That’s why people start companies. They think they have something to offer that some people like themselves will love madly. Apple, Google, Tony Robbins, Dr. Mercola…all doing things and selling things they totally believe in themselves. That’s who I buy from.

And yes, they make money when I buy stuff they make or recommend. So what? I value their opinion and their products because we’re of like mind.

So long as a person knows that someone who’s promoting a product might benefit from doing so, presumably BECAUSE they love it, all is well. See the report on how to do this with friends and others. Friends, Lies and Network Marketing. It’s been downloaded (no cost) over 47,353 times…

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