Eliminate. Objections. In Advance…

Who is doing THIS in their marketing?

Eliminate. Objections. In Advance.

It’s one of my top strategies. It’s why I hear so few objections and don’t bother much with those I get…

Because when I eliminate objections in advance, I get to focus on those who LOVE what I have created. And I WANT to work with and for them. And GIVE everything I can to them.

And equally good, I eliminate wrong folks from my sphere for whom – for whatever reason – my stuff doesn’t resonate. Or they’re just not ready to MOVE forward.

Remember this:

You don’t need that many people…

A top earner might have say 50,000 people in their overall group. But it’s only 1-3 leaders in THEIR group who generate 50-95% of that big income each month.

Those 1-3 key players for the top banana – one will have some 25,000 in THEIR own downline, another 10,000 and another 3-5,000.  Sometimes ONE key person will have 80%-90% of a top earners people in THEIR group.

See how that works? Ask your big upline.  They’ll confirm it.

A few crazy drivers. That’s who you need to attract to your team. Or you grow them. Best way to do that?

Here’s one way:

Eliminate objections in advance so you stop wasting time with the wrong ones who take up your time, who complain, and either never buy or spend $25 and think you owe them time on the phone so they can whine more.

No thanks.

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