Embarrassing little secret…

Here’s something on copy writing from a mucky-muck marketing course resource:

“A poorly written ad offered to the right market will do better than a brilliantly-written ad presented to the wrong market.”

Someone trying to sell $45 face cream to a person who’s happy with a $6 jar of Ponds, is selling to the wrong market. No matter how great your pitch is, the Pond cream set won’t buy your $45 cream. (And yes, they want to look young too.)

Same for your business opp. If someone’s 1) not dissatisfied or 2) not willing to do sales, your opportunity will fall on deaf ears. No matter how great you think it is.

Here’s what that means for you:

How much more of your time do you want to spend selling to the wrong market? I.e. persuading the wrong ones?

Are you wooing the hay in the haystack? You want to talk to the needle, don’t you?

P.S. In the new Haystack Telecourse starting Feb 20, we’ll talk about 1) how to find the market for what you are selling, and 2) use your passion-driven story to earn their trust. (Mini QuickTime slide show of the Haystack program here)

Course registrants: start pondering the question: What are you selling? Choose a focus – either the business or your product. It is not as easy as it looks to answer that question. If it were, this would be an easier business than it is.

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  • I would agree with this post. The very best ad in the world targeted to the wrong market, is worthless to sell your product.

    Example: Have you ever noticed you don’t really pay attention to what kinds of cars are on the road or being advertised until you are considering trading….. same goes with colors of cars.

    The exception to the above example is the person that is just “into” cars.

  • Yes are absolutely correct. The message matters but not nearly as much as the audience. Approaching the wrong market is always fatal to any business because of the waste of time … and time is simply something that they are not making any more of.

  • Yes to both of you…

    This pretty much blows away the old NM mantra, “Everyone wants this product. It sells itself.” Think?

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