Entrepreneurs only…

Entrepreneurs only:

“The inability to stop doing things that are no longer working and to discontinue people who are no longer performing is the #1 reason for failure.” Rich Shefren

The second part of that quote – for network marketers might be – “(the inability) to stop working with people who are no longer performing…” i.e., trying to raise the dead.


Let’s say you did certain activities at the beginning of your business, like home events. It’s now 3 -6 months later, and you can’t get anyone to show up anymore. Sound familiar?

So if you WANT your business to earn you income, here’s what I do:

Identify the obstacle to overcome:

=> No new people are coming to my parties/meetings anymore.

Some solutions to test (I can think of many more):

1) Stop doing home parties (which is what happens to most folks)…

2) Have the home parties, but do something DIFFERENT to give value so folks coming don’t feel they came only drink your wine and cheese, and then to be sold…

3) Start helping folks in your group do THEIR home parties…(many do that when they’ve got active downline)

4) If you have no other active people? Find ways to bring new and interested folks to you…

Namely, learn to MARKET. Meaning, learn to create demand for you and your product. You can do that online (through Facebook which is what I’m doing right now) OR live, which is what I’ve done for years.

Examples of 4…

To generate demand for you and your product…

Doing it live: We used to give talks all around town at bookstores, community centers, about the product purpose. (NOT the name of the product we were selling, of course, nobody goes to a talk just to be sold.) I was marketing fruits and veggies in capsules at the time. So I’d get booked and offer (no cost) educational talks:

“How to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies even if you don’t eat them everyday…” And I’d offer various alternatives, including, LAST, our product.

=> The advantage of using these words:

Those who came 1) knew they should get their 5-7 fruits and veggies and 2) knew they were not getting them and 3) were looking for alternatives.

My perfect customer profile (!)

Built my list every week like that. Brought in hundreds of customers, many long term ones.

=> We also did giant postcard campaigns (to MLMers). Signed up dozens of experienced reps across the country with an innovative postcard…

We started several groups that grew big across the country doing that. I’d visit the areas where the key person was getting some results and create a “demand event” where they’d bill me…(The ‘big kahuna lady coming here from California’…hehehe). They’d pack the house and we’d get them a strong group going.

Bottom line:

Here’s what to do if you WANT your business to throw off that income you want…

List the obstacles

Prioritize them…

List solutions to TEST for each obstacle…

Test the solutions until the obstacle is overcome (!)

PS If you want to learn how we did live “events” and home parties where we offered to show something of value first, ending with the opportunity to buy our product, we created the live event (or home party) “Helper Healer Marketer” program. It shows you just what we did and would do TODAY – exactly how we got MORE people to show up, new ones, than those who had committed to come.

ONLINE. If you want to create “demand” for your product purpose online, something many of us do now, you can learn how to do that exactly. The “Authority Marketer” program does that for you Click here to review it.

PPS Learning to build a business that throws off, regularly, even $500/mo is NOT EASY. And sometimes, you have some early success, and 5-6 months later, it all seems to fall away. These two of programs give you the SKILLS to come up with solutions when the old ways don’t work like they used to.

PPPS What’s it worth to you to acquire a real marketing and money-making skill set? AND a real chance to earn even just $500/mo for the next 6 months? What’s the return there?


Believe in yourself. Skill up. Level up.

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