Obstacles obstacles obstacles…

Obstacles Ahead

ANY business venture has obstacles. EXPECT THEM.

What do you do when you get yours?

Quit and go home?

Or do you figure out

1) WHAT is the obstacle? and
2) HOW do I get around it, under it, over it, or somehow get past it?

When the inevitable obstacles appear, will you do 1) or 2)?

Here’s how to predict that for yourself – or for anyone in your group:

How much you want the prize that lies on the other side of those obstacles? And

How much you want to be transformed into that person, who HAS gotten past and overcome THAT set of obstacles?

Ask any sports star. Any top professional in any field. It’s the process of having survived big odds and painful obstacles that made them the admired person they are today.

How much do you want to go through that process and become “the ONE” everyone goes to – who ALSO wants to transform themselves and become a self-made champion?

PS Obstacles: Lack of skills, lack of incentives, need resources, need an action plan, etc. ALL of which can be overcome. IF YOU WANT TO.

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