"Everyone will want this product – it sells itself"

Have you ever heard that line?

When you do, you’ll know the speaker is either ignorant or fibbing. So you’re being fooled, at best.

THERE IS NO PRODUCT FOR EVERYONE. We have choices about what to buy and not to buy, and then of the things we choose to buy, what brand, style, color, size and type.

People tell you things about themselves when they make product choices. A woman who shops at Whole Foods, for example, tells you you something about her values. One who drives a Prius tells you something, also. But are those two choices for everyone? Does every woman shop at Whole Foods or drive a Prius?

Moral: Whatever product or service you love, that you want to offer to another woman, do not presume that she’ll want it too.

Women have different tastes, different priorities, different lifestyles, yes? You can see them in the choices they make – from where they shop to how they spend a free hour.

Since women are different, the most natural thing is to look for a woman like you – who shares values or concerns that you have also. It’s the same way you make a friend. You swap stories. In this case, you tell your “before and after” story and see who is drawn to it – just like a movie draws different kinds of people. Just like similar interests and concerns make for friendships.

Before and After product story example

Say you used to have an achy knee going up and down the stairs, from a fall. And say you tried different remedies, some physical therapy, some creams, and nothing seemed to work well enough. You were willing to try about anything, only you did NOT want to consider drugs or surgery.

One day you came across this rub-a-dub product that you massaged into your knee, and lo and behold, a week later your achy knee was gone – and now you’re even playing tennis again!

Let’s say you want to market this product to other women like you. Women who share your “before” story and values, at least.

So how about asking for a woman like you then?

I.e. A woman who has achy knees going up and down the stairs, who has tried different over-the-counter remedies, with not much effect, but who doesn’t want to do drugs or surgery. Someone LIKE YOU.

Do you suppose if you put the call out for women like that, you might find some just like you? E.g.

“We’re introducing a product for women who have achy knees like I used to, but who don’t want to do drugs or surgery, like me. Do you know a woman who might like to know about a product like that?”

How about that?

Finding women like you.

How many women do you think fit that description? These are all women who might give you their attention, because they’re like you in that way. Without attention no sale will happen. And regardless of the outcome, at least you’ll have a pleasant conversation and maybe make a friend.

And what if a few women would like to try the product too, in case it works for them the way it did for you?

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