Farewell, Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and author who touched millions of lives, and whose proteges included Tony Robbins, passed away today.

It’s not for nothing so many people loved him. Two tidbits –

One time, Jim was giving a motivational seminar, and someone called his office a few days before, to inquire what the event would cover. Told it was a motivational type of training, the caller said, “Oh, well, I’ve already been to all of those.”

“Hmm,” said Jim Rohn’s (well-trained) person, “you haven’t been to this one, have you?”


“Well then, how about I sell you a ticket so you can keep right on saying ‘I’ve been to awwwl of those meetings.'”

The gent bought a ticket.

Jim often talked about reasons one might want to become an entrepreneur. One very good reason, he said, was so that you’d earn enough to give a good person who needs it, a job.

His distinctive voice will be missed.

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Kim Klaver


  • Yes, Kim. I heard this news earlier today. Thank you for posting also for your readers.

    Mr. Rohn has been my favorite mentor for 25 years now. I was blessed enough to have seen him speak twice. Once in '96, and once in '05. The 2nd time, I was also honored to have my picture taken with him, and get his autograph, which I have always cherished and even more so now that he is gone from this world.

    That day in January of 2005, at 74 years of age, he sat for literally HOURS after his time on stage in order to allow those he touched with his message to get a picture with him and to allow them to go home with a piece of him…his autograph. I was so impressed and touched that he would do that.

    I first heard his audio cassettes when I was in a 'normal' sales job, prior to my NM journey. I got hooked the first time I heard him speak. His words were powerful, his message was profound, and his delivery was uniquely his own.

    Of all the mentors quoted in our industry, he has been quoted more often than any, at least in my circle of influence in NM.

    He was a legend. He leaves such a legacy. My children who are now 12 and 13 are listening to his material now as well and reading his books.

    I am very sad that he has passed but I know he is rejoicing so I choose to rejoice with him. He clearly knew his Savior, and quoted from 'his favorite book', with much humbleness, in every speech he delivered.

    I am FAR, FAR better off for having heard of Jim Rohn and for choosing to listen to his material and read his books for the past 25 years. He is one of the few that did not hype anything. He was real about what it took. "The harvest is reserved for the planters. No planting, no harvest".

    I have some more favorite quotes that he taught me and if you will indulge me for a bit more, I'd like to share some of them.

    (This is sort of theraputic for me because I have been a little upset today about this man leaving us)so thank you for allowing me to have this outlet.

    "Some people are waiting for someone to motivate you…what if they don't show up?"

    "Some just won't. As to why…I wouldn't sign up for that class"

    "The birds get some"

    "Don't ask for it to be easier, ask to get better"

    "and the man said, that's all they pay. No, that is all you're worth".

    "Don't ask what you can earn. Ask what you can become"

    "Formal education will make you a living, self education will make a fortune".

    and my fav: "Everyone should have a goal to earn a million dollars. Not for the money, but because of what you will become in the process"

    Thank you Mr. Jim Rohn for helping me grow up as an adult and teaching me to not blame, but to look in the mirror.

    My prayers go out to his family and I also have to assume that while they are of course very sad, that they too, are rejoicing because they know that is what he is doing.

    We have lost a great man today. I can't wait to be able to shake his hand again. He was my first mentor, and favorite.

    R.I.P. Mr. Jim Rohn, the small town farm boy from Idaho. You will be sorely missed, but we will keep your message alive.

  • want to add: In addition to his "Mamma and "Papa", who were so dear to him, I am sure he is receiving, as we speak, a very warm welcome from Mark.

  • Yes… I loved his writings and talks.. so wise and kind but got the point across so beautifully.
    Yes, he will be missed.

  • Kim
    It is very sad the passing of Jim. He was a person that helped so many. He contributed more to than any other author and has inspired thousands in our industry. He is one that will continue to inspire for years.
    God bless you Jim!
    George Madiou

  • update b4 bed:

    Was sad, now overjoyed. Have had some time to process this, have been able to post (therapy, thank you :), and now after having seen thousands of amazing posts (could not read them all of course but GOT that people were changed thanx to this man) I am now feeling so happy for JR and his family (once they can see the posts). His mission was to contribute. Mission accomplished!

    I can see him smiling right now.

    (why are his word SOOOO memorable? I only saw him twice?)

    "My hope when I leave you today, is that your life has been impacted in some way. I will take a piece of you with me where ever I go, and I hope that you will do the same"

    Ya…he's SMILING big time!


  • Mr. Rohn has had a huge impact on our family. He has been a mentor to us for 29 years, and we will miss him tremendously.
    Although we never met, we've spent thousands of hours together, and he will be in our hearts forever. Jim taught us about the "day that turns your life around", and herding cats, and was he ever right! I don't know anyone who embodies the philosophy of network marketing as Jim Rohn has. He gave all us networkers an amazing example to follow. It's going to be quite the meeting in heaven tonight! We love you, Jim.

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