How to Find 3 Rich and Powerful New Friends…

Here’s how to find some rich and powerful new friends…

If you REALLY want to earn obscene income they say,
you need to hang out with people who are earning
obscene income. Not those who can’t scrape up $100.


“But,” you protest, “I don’t have any successful friend
I can talk to anytime I want!”

Here are two ways to get almost any super successful
person to whisper their secrets right into your ear.
Starting tonight.

And. These successful people will NEVER get impatient –
even if you ask them to tell you the SAME secrets and
principles again and again and again. And again.

Do this:

1. Pick your heroe

2. Go to the library. Or to

3. Look them up.

4. Get their advice. (Called a book.) Or let them
whisper in your ear (now we say CDs or MP3 audios)
so you can hear their words over and over (I’ve had
Napoleon Hill’s blue cassette audios for some 25 years,
STILL love to hear him tell me secrets in the night…)

5. Search out any successful person in any field you’re
interested in. Most ALL of them have written their
best advice down or recorded it for posterity or others
on the planet during their time. Others seeking their
advice on becoming successful.

That’s YOU and ME.

6. Get their stuff in your hands, on your device or
the real book to curl up with.

7. Listen or read privately – and completely alone –
with your new personal mentor, EACH DAY.

8. Make that time the most sacred of your day.
That means, it’s your #1 Priority. Not the last thing you
think of, late at night, when you’re too tired to
process it.

=> Here’s how to prioritize the time with your new friends.

1. Pretend that for 60 days, anyone you choose will
come to visit you and sit with you in your private place.

2. Just the two of you.

3. Say you chose John D Rockefeller, as I did the
first time I did this years ago.

– If Mr. Rockefeller were to come visit you personally,
would you set aside a special room in the house for
the occasion?

– Would that room be specially prepared?

– Would you make sure EVERYONE in the house
knew that you were NOT to be interrupted for ANYTHING
during that hour? (Or you’d announce to everyone that
you’d be gone with NO cell phone for the chosen
special hour each day.)

Who’s ready to take on some new special, personal and
successful friends this way?

If you do this for 60 days in a row, exactly AS IF THEY
were visiting JUST you, I’m willing to bet my check against
yours that you will be a TOTALLY transformed person
after just 60 days.

Can you just imagine the experience each day? Looking
forward to it, doing it, savoring each moment as you
get their full attention and give yours?

Who’s got their hero chosen for that first 60 days of
private tutoring? Who’s got a special room they’re
going to set up for just the two of you?

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