Finding Your Wow the Old Way

A little intro to something new. For people who still like something real, something slow, something with a genuine wow.

PS. the link at the end is the video is:
I am the business trainer for the company in the NoWayMamma video, and I love the product, which is why you see me in the NoWayMamma video (I’m not a distributor). Email me here if you’d like a wow video like that.

PPS. If you want to be on the priority list for the Finding Your Wow class, email me with subject: Finding Your Wow. I’ll let you know first when it starts. End January is the target date. Not free. No guru pricing, either.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Kim,

    Whether the internet is overrated I can't say. Probably there are ways to do network marketing over the internet. However, someone has to be really good to get my attention. So, I have to become really good to get the attention of the people I'm looking for. (Re)discovering my WOW and learning to talk in a normal way about that to other people. When I would learn to do just that at an in-home or in another old-fashioned way, I could probably use that on the internet as well.


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