"I had $2,000 in the bank."

“I had $2,000 in the bank. I was somebody.”

I tuned right in when I heard that:

Because the speaker, Posie, was a nineteen-year old I’d met in film school. She made music videos.

Then she added, “Then I bought this camera.”

Her body language revealed that wasn’t quite as good.

What is it about having money in the bank – that is not spoken for – that makes one (at any age) feel so, um, well, confident? Why doesn’t the stuff we buy with it satisfy the same way?

If we just buy less stuff and have some money in the bank, would we all feel more confident?

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Kim Klaver


  • For me it is nice to have things. But to have money in the bank feels better as that is what I need to buy those things, Pay unexpected bills or for other problems that occur in life. Maybe as i know it is there for that rainy day. Yep it is good to have money in the bank

  • For many, money in the bank is equivalent to a freezer full of food, or enough wood to burn through the winter.

    It's something that makes people feel secure.

  • Hi Kim! Money in the bank means power..and potential….what you
    actually do with it is what counts , and the subsequent results…don't be
    in a hurry to spend it….the best feeling of security is when it is well
    spent… advise if you have to……Kim, thanks for getting us readers and fans to think about various subjects…….and the potential
    of the New Year 2011, being served to us……..Harv Moberg

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