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Five steps to success…

Compare this message that just came in (to one of the FB groups), to the “Hey I’m still broke…” one just below this post:

“I am so excited. Bought 1 share of coop leads last week. 

Already have leads coming in. But, I am not sure what to do with them. I received one
Aweber email that “person below

was added ## to your leads list and emailed message 1.”
Is that called opting-in? Do you just wait for them to move
through the emails until they buy? Can you tell I am a
little green? Thanks for any information! “

What a super attitude!

1) She DID something to bring people to her website showing
her business – she bought leads (actually she bought traffic
some of which opted into her list and became leads).

She spent some money with NO guaranteed results.

THAT is our business. We must flood our (program) website with
people who want to see our products or business.

However we do that – in-homes, one-on-ones, phone calls,
events, we ALL spend money, effort, resources and energy
getting peeps to check out our opportunity or products.

And we must do this ON FAITH, without EVER knowing for sure –
who will join or buy and who will not.

But we keep at it, trying all kinds of different approaches –
online and off – to find the right ones.

And we keep going and going and going because, as JFK said,
if we want others to join us, we have to make it happen.

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.”
– President John F Kennedy.

And. BUYING INTO AN OPPORTUNITY with that initial
payment for the products, etc.? That is only step one.

Step #2: Flood your site with traffic and people who might
want to join you. (Or do constant presentations in home,
Starbucks, over phone, whatever your preferred style is.)

Step #3: Offer some assistance to those who join or buy.
Show new folks a blueprint of what YOU did. If you are a
leader, this will come to you.

Step #4. Develop a team culture that encourages the
right folks
(not whiners) to stick with you and bring in
new folks.

Step #5. Take the time to enjoy the people and ‘things’
in your life that your new income allows you to do. Even
small indulgences are wonderful. Like that extra facial,
or the extra 30 minutes at your favorite cafe…or even a
midday movie!


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