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“For my first Facebook ads client, I only charged $150…

QuestionMark_Red sm“For my first Facebook ads client, I only charged $150. Because that’s where my confidence level was…” – Randy T, FB consultant who now charges clients $2,500/mo for that service.

Do you know that what you (and others) charge for whatever thing you have to offer, is based on YOUR confidence level?

No, not based on “what they’ll pay”. We never know what “they” will pay…or won’t pay.

I must admit the same thing’s happened to me…same thing as Randy.

I have a new program,31 Days To Get Off The Pot. For the first two cycles of the new  program, I charged one price.

The results for most folks have been unbelievable within those 31 days.  That has given me much added confidence in what it can do for someone, and I plan to increase the price for this program probably 35% by the end of this month. Yep.

Sure fewer folks might buy it...at first. But when they picture how they can realize themselves through it, I don’t worry. The stories of the others will help a person who wants to get off the pot, overcome their fears about it. And some will stretch to do it.

And compared to years on the psychiatric couch, the cost and time it takes are miniscule.

What about you?  How’s your confidence level?

Here’s how your confidence level affects what you ask for (and therefore, earn…)

If you have no confidence, you’ll find yourself giving your product away.

If you have a tiny bit, you’ll find yourself selling it at your cost.

If you have a bit more, you’ll perhaps even offer it at retail price.

No matter what you offer it for, know this:

There are always people who will buy. Yep.
And always those who don’t. You couldn’t even GIVE it to them.

It doesn’t matter WHAT the price is.

It’s all about you, your confidence, and the market (people) you offer it to. Amazing, huh?

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