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“Why are people are not responding to me?”

2 mad girls cartoon 1086521_SMJPGIf you are wondering why people are not responding to your offer these days, and you think it’s great, here’s one reason, and it has nothing to do with you or your product…

It’s that they’re “message-weary”

Take weight loss…

If a person has heard about fat burning products hundreds of times, has tried various options and they have not been able to lose that weight or burn off the fat and keep it off, that’s why. They’ve heard it all before.

Take income opportunity…

If a person has dabbled in network or affiliate marketing, (what else can one do working it 5-7 hours per week?) and has experienced no income success, and they hear your promises of “full time income for part time work” they tune out. They’ve heard it all before.

And screaming it louder or using more exclamation points doesn’t change that.

They are, in a word, message-weary, and unless you have something really unique and compelling, all your promotion will fall on deaf (and skeptical ears).

And they instantly change the channel of their mind when they hear about or see your product promises.

What to do?

1) Determine how message-weary the people are, that you’re making your promise to (about your weight loss product, say, or your income opp)

2) Then tune in (monitor groups, etc) to see what the people with the problem are talking about. From THEIR words you’ll find the way to connect to them.

3) Work up the idea or the hook or angle you’re presenting to the market. (That’s a marketer’s job, yep. THAT is what we get paid for.)

Example from my work.

Some of you know I’ve been a wordsmith to many network marketers…(If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?) To help my customers preserve their self-esteem and preserve their relationships. And have fun introducing their thing!

Of late, I’ve become more aware of folks who are just stuck. On overwhelm, and just not getting to actually DOING any business building activities.

So I created something that speaks to THAT situation for some folks…Those who feel stuck.

31 Days To Get Off the Pot

That has resonated with ‘stuck’ some people and we have dozens and dozens of folks in that 31 Day program today. So the title makes the promise (yep!)

And what makes it work? A very simple and unique combination of some fun and enjoyable exercises a person does each day (45 mins to an 60 mins), and that culminates with a one-on-one with me.

That’s where the magic begins – the combo of those little daily exercises and that one on one, And one after another, my customers are getting off that pot. Many have posted their experiences publicly on my Facebook page.

The reason it works is because of the uniqueness of the exercises, the daily doing of them, and the one-on-one with me. All designed to get someone off the pot. The exercises are those that have kept me going all these years.

So instead of promising income, I offer something different. Has nothing to do with money directly.

Downside: The only limitation is my own time. I can only do so many per month, because of the one-on-ones.

Bottom line: What can you offer – that will NOT use promises, words and images – that your prospects will have heard many times before? Start there.

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