For your holiday listening…the best recruiting time of the year.

Here are two audios for you. To say thanks for your attention this past year.

#1 is the first one I ever did, and #2, the most recent one.

Both are parts of MP3/CD sets. Both focus on the recruiting side of the business. (The customer focus took up some years in between, so now we’re rounded out.)

While it’s a much more skeptical market place for recruiters today than it was 11 years ago, the principles haven’t changed. For those key players, aren’t we still looking for the Aces in the deck?

1. Here’s MP3 (online audio) #1 in the 7-CD/MP3 set of the Confidence Building Classics:

So, You Want to be a Networker? (No Cost-click to download)

Review Complete Confidence Building MP3s-See here. ($41.95)

Review Complete Confidence Building CD set-See here. ($67)

2. Art of Recruiting Seminar (9 Audios – MP3s now, CDs first of the year.)

Session #1: Taking the stress out. (MP3. No Cost-download here.)

Review Complete New. Art of Recruiting Program here
9 MP3 Sets + 1 PDF Crib Sheet See here. ($63)

CDs of this program coming beginning of 2008. ($97)


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Kim Klaver


  • Thanks Kim,

    You are most generous and I’m taking advantage of your generosity and using this information to excite change in my business.

    Merry Christmas, may 2008 be bigger and better for all.


    Janet Legere

    Doing Well by Doing Good

  • Thank you for the f*ee recruiting audio’s, Kim. I got an mp3 player recently and it makes learning more from you and other expansive thinkers, so much easier. Can’t wait to listen!

    Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.



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  • Hi Kim,

    Thank you very much for your gifts.

    I had not heard your voice in quite awhile, so it was a familiar, pleasant sound to me.

    This is a great time to recruit. I plan to be asking for lots of referrals.

    Kim, you are such a great teacher, trainer, and mentor. I am glad you took some time away from actively building a company downline to nurture your own flock.

    Happy Holidays,
    Tom Doiron

  • Kim,

    Thanks for making us wierd people feel accepted. It’s good to have a place to connect.

    Stay blessed,


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