Friends, Lies… is the #1 download this month.

That’s from ChangeThis five minutes ago – they wrote this about the Manifesto just released the other day, Friends, Lies…(see here):

“Your downloads are over 3,000, which surpasses the download number for all of the previous month’s downloads.”

Wow, in less than a week, 3,000 people have downloaded Friends, Lies and Network Marketing. Maybe some even read it(!)

I wonder if there are any big bananas among them – perhaps even some who might reconsider an old school way or two.

Thanks for making us #1!

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim
    I’m so proud of your work and to be a part of the “new” school. It feels great to read and totally relate to all of your points. Thanks you for all you do for us.

  • Kim:

    Wow, you beat Seth Godin? A remarkable accomplishment for sure! And yes, people are reading this Manifesto. I e-mailed it to a downline member who then e-mailed it to a prospect. After some conversation with regard to the Manifesto the prospect signed up as he was currently using very Old School techniques with another company and the Manifesto resonated with him that this is the way to do business.


    Craig Davis

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