Friendship Capital

OK boys and girls, here comes a big fat generalization. See if you basically agree.

In our western society the guys are typically focused on stuff having to do with
protecting the family and bringing home the bacon.

The gals are primarily focused on friendship, nurturing and keeping
those around them from killing each other.

The women who fit the above description have built up, over many years, their friendship capital.
It’s as important to them as the guy’s financial capital is to him.

This matters a lot in the NM business.  Because.

A woman’s friendship capital is squandered each time she makes promises to friends that
she can NEVER keep.  No matter what the guys in front of the room say. Here’s why.

You do not know what results others will have, EVER,
for either the product or the business.

Here’s a tip to protect your friendship capital when talking to those precious friends
about it.  USE lines like this after you make your offer (product, service or business presentation):

“I don’t know if this will work for you or not.  But here’s what happened to me…”
Do you really know WHAT will happen for them with either the product or the business?


“Do you know anyone who might like to know about something like that?”
(either the business or the product). No pressure.

Ladies: Preserve your friendship capital. The NFL is largely the result of promises made to friends that neither you nor anyone else could ever keep.  How can we know what will happen for someone else with a product or business?

PS NFL – No Friends Left

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Kim Klaver


  • truer words were never spoken. I think that’s why we cringe when our upline wants us to call our family and friends. They are the LAST people I would want to call.

  • You nailed it Kim. The very reason why my darling wife HATES NM with a passion, after being hurt by a previous experience we had, and being shafted when we dared to challenge the bs we were fed. But I still have big dreams.

  • This was the exact thing I recently figured out about my conflict promoting my biz! I love it, I use it, and I can talk about it to anyone…. just could not ask for commitment! Nice to know it’s not just me!

  • I have been in NM for over 30 years and until recently never recruited anyone. I couldn’t stand the pressure of making promises I didn’t feel the company could keep, much less promises that I could keep. Your ideas have so much more truth, and integrity that I have no problem using them. And if someone does say no…it certainly doesn’t hurt now!

  • Kim,
    Yes, I’m “…one of the gals…” For years, never ‘fitting’ and thinking always it was ‘just me.’
    Thank You! for teaching, teaching, teaching, learning and teaching! continually.
    A grateful student.

  • Kim,
    I am so grateful to your approach with NM, if I hear one more
    person say “make a list of your family and friends” I think I’ll scream.
    It still amazes me that 85% of the people in NM are women, yet
    most of those who teach are men. I just finished a book Mary Kay
    did, and gives to her people (I am not one) but she was soooo ahead
    of her time, and she so understood women and our needs. Kim, you have
    the heart of a Mary Kay and a Mother Teresa, and prove the point we in
    NM are people, not just potential dollar signs.
    Thanks… Debi

  • more credibility has been lost recruiting family and friends in this industry than in any other industry know to man…but that is what we have been taught all these years…your way is much simpler and human and lessens the pressure of having to sponsor everyone that walks, talks and breathes…

  • Well said Kim and love the term ‘friendship captial’. It really is about not making promises. And the example verbiage that you give is very helpful. A good lesson to be learned. Thanks Kim.

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