Have Americans lost their entrepreneurial spirit?

Many networkers tell me that they speak to people who complain of not having enough, not living well enough, not being able to afford enough…and yet, they say NO to network marketing, and anything else that requires a change in their regular routines.

Are folks just satisfied with less than before?

Or do we have just enough so that the sustained extra effort required just isn’t worth it?

One major network marketing player reports that his international business (in Asia, China, Taiwan, Korea and Russia) is growing in leaps and bounds. His U.S. business (and that of his company) is losing ground.

Your thoughts?

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  • Heck yes!

    It’s more than just the entrepreneurial spirit . . . it’s a work ethic too. And it’s only going to get worse.

    Many of us have seen it in the corporate world . . . co-ops and new hires coming who are not eager to do anything more than they have to. Offer them all the overtime they want, and they don’t work more than 40 hours.

    I have professor friends who say they have the same problem with their graduate students. The foreign students swing for the fence, while the US students barely show up for the game.

    Before our local ITS was outsourced to an off-shore partner (that has reps working local), it was hard to get a hold of people after 3:30. Now you they are available until 6:00, and working at HALF the price.

    The foreign market is going to eat our lunch.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)
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  • Don’t be so sure, Walter.

    Don’t know where those numbers are coming from but as you know, (or maybe not), I’m an American living in Greece. Greece is no different than America. The numbers are the same.

    Maybe people are working harder for less but the answers are in Kim’s “Plan B” book. Most people are … shall I use the word ‘brainwashed’ into wanting the security of a paycheck. They think that j-o-b is the ‘right thing’ to be doing.

    The “I don’t have time” thing is they just don’t want to give up their favorite TV shows or whatever in the evenings. There are few self-motivated people on this planet (or those with that Eflame, as Kim calls it). If the majority of people in this world did not HAVE to get up and go to work in the morning they probably wouldn’t, much less get them to do something extra.

    I have placed a couple ads (based on Kim’s teachings). The ad says, “100% commission” and the first question every person that has called has asked is, “what is the salary.” When I respond, “as the ad says, it’s 100% commission” there is NO interest.

    As an American living in Greece, here’s what I hear from the Greek ‘pukies’ … “those things (wrt to MLM) might work in America … the Americans are more advanced in their way of thinking than Europeans …” So, go figure.

    Several years ago a ‘double diamond’ from Canada (he was Greek-Canadian) came to Greece. One part of his talk was about ‘where does MLM work’ … as he said, everybody thinks it works somewhere else. The ‘Canadians’ would say it worked in the U.S. the Americans would say it worked on the west coast, the west coast would say it worked on the east coast … yadda yadda yadda.

    Bottom line … MLM works the same all over the world. It is for those special few who feel that Eflame and who understand that “Tomorrow’s dreams are built on today’s sacrifices” and are willing to make those sacrifices.


  • I think you just have to keep looking for people like yourself. Many people in our country have become lazy… and it’s true people from other countries will work harder for less.

    A lot of us have become spoiled… looking for a quick fix.

    But I think that if you keep calling out, you will find someone like yourself.

    Someone who is willing to do what it takes to make it work.

    A person who is willing to take a risk.

    Someone who knows how to think outside the box.

    A person who is optimistic.

    Who loves people.

    Someone who has a “no matter what” attitude.

    Someone who passionately believes in what you have to offer

    I know that person is out there,and I’ll never stop looking or asking…
    is that you?

    We need to talk.


  • I think that, in Kim’s words, millions of people are venters only, and “improving my financial picture” or any of the other goals that network marketing can help with, they simply won’t work hard for.

    And while there are many hard-core entrepreneurs, many to most choose the “start my own thing” route or the “franchise” route, vs. ours.

    In working leads (internet sources such as CEM), I find this almost all the time. I think it could be a factor that they advertise us as “work from home businesses”, they should take the word “work” out so people don’t think it’s pay by the hour (many to most people who respond, it seems, when you ask something like “do you want to get paid by the hour, or paid for your results”, choose by the hour and are positively frightened to only get paid what they’re worth).

    I plan to experiment with using Kim’s system to write ads for the right people, no therapy or “injecting” the entrepreneurial spirit in people not ready for it!

  • I echo Walter’s sentiment. I employ about 20 people. Although I am blessed with many great employees, I have experienced an increase in turnover. People want a paycheck, they just don’t want to work. I had to implement a reward program just to get people to show up for work on time. On not such a rare occasion, someone who does not follow the rules of the reward program will complain about not getting the reward.

    We are taught by our government to just hold out our hands. Take disability for example. I know of a person who fell on and fractured his tail bone. He is on lifelong disability. He’s perfectly able to get around. He drives, plays with his grandkids, works around his house, socializes and yet, he is “disabled?” Unable to work? So, he just keeps getting his check every month. It’s enough to live on. When he wants extra money, he does odd jobs for people. He thinks this is perfectly ok. His family and friends think it’s ok. They have been taught this is not just ok, it is completely acceptable.

    Yes, this is just one example. But, I see this “give me” mentality all over the place.

    Complacency will be downfall of America as we know it.

    Thank God, we still have a steady influx of people from other countries who want to work.

  • Public school is designed to do just that. You will not believe me and I don’t expect you to. Read The Underground History of American Educaton by award-winning former teacher John Taylor Gatto.

    We all go around whining about the whiners, while in the next breath we tell our children to do their homework, which is busy work chosen by a well-meaning teacher based on what is mandated by the government. Rather than play or devote their minds to hobbies that stimulate their creativity, love of learning and joy of living.

    Most give no thought to whether school is good for our kids or not. Most give it no thought because if they weren’t in school, both parents couldn’t work, the bills wouldn’t get paid, etc, etc…so most people won’t go there.

    Read some biographies, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, almost every great inventor/thinker/innovator was thought to be an idiot because they didn’t fit in to what is deemed appropriate. Today we tell children they must not be who they really are, and if they insist on being who they really are, we simply drug them into conformity. This is one of the great tragedies of our times.

    Creativity is messy. Building a business isn’t coloring within the lines. You have do dare to be different,. But after 12 or more years of being molded into someone who fits-in, you better believe that the majority of Americans have lost their entrepreneurial spirit. It is by design, and it has happened so slowly that most people haven’t even noticed.

    This is one of my BIG whys for being in direct sales: to keep both of my children out of public schools. To nurture their love of learning and creativity. To let them become who they are, based on their interests, talents and abilities.


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  • Kim,

    It seems to me we are talking about something that is covered in “THE SECRET”.

    What is your expectation? If we feel that we have an excellent work ethic. If we feel that we are exemplary of how hard a person should work his or her business. If we present our business in the proper manor and can’t find others like ourselves. Do we really believe they are not out there? In reality are we thinking “we know they are out there but to be found by someone else?” Belief plus action makes us so lucky.

    We are looking for those that want what we are offering. So look in the right place and you will find them. Hey, someone found you. Are you the right person? Was the person who found you just lucky?

    Leadership starts from the top and goes down. Are you leading by example? Take a good look! I don’t care if you are talking about corporate, MLM, or church; if you can’t get people to do what they should, look first at yourself. In your business, have you advanced past meeting people and sharing your business? Are you in the management stage just trying to herd cats? If you are, you are not exemplifying basic skills that folks need in order to succeed in any endeavor, let alone network marketing. We are not born with people skills. If we have them, we learned them from someone. We are not born with a work ethic we learned it from someone. Think about it, who taught these things to you? Are you teaching your people by example?

    I believe it’s easy to look across the fence and say, “the grass is greener, the cows are fatter, the sheep dogs work harder.” If you think it is true that the grass is greener overseas, get off the porch, out of your rocking chair, stop whining and build internationally. If you are like me and have faith that the people in our country are just as willing to put on their apron and go to work then find the ones that are ready to do it now and lead them by example! Stop and think about it, out of the millions of people in the US how many do you really need to make it work for you and them?

    Wes Thompson

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