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He lost his 380,000 FB fans…

Protect your FB Leads


Johnny’s Facebook page was taken down yesterday. Without notice. He’d gotten 380,000 fans over the past few years.

Warning: Anything online can go down. To protect your “audience”, do what you have to, to get your leads, likes and fans onto YOUR OWN EMAIL service.

1) If you’re a network marketer and your contacts are in your company back office, “export” them to an email service YOU control, so you have those folks to reach out to anytime. In case.

Fine to have them in both places, but make sure YOUR contacts (customers, reps and prospects) are in your personally owned email service also. Your contacts and leads are your #1 asset. You’ve gotten them, you OWN them.

2) If you have a FB page, remember that any likes or fans ANYWHERE are not owned by you – if your page is removed you’re out – so make an offer now and then so that your most ardent fans get on your list. So you can stay connected EVEN if your personal page or business page disappears.

You see me do that here…”If you want to get on the priority list for this, please sign up here…” Remember? smile emoticon

3) GET your own email service to store your leads, customers and reps, so you can learn to market to them. One VERY popular one I use is right here…you can even get a 30 Day free trial with this link…then it’s a measly $20/mo to create your BEST asset in a business of your own: Your LIST. Check this out..

PS I’m almost ready with a neat program to show you how to create your email marketing machine. That’s what I’ve done. Finally. Now I can show you…

That is, if you want something that really does work for you 24-7, being kind to customers and bringing in orders while you sleep. Sounds hype, right?

But I’ve learned how. So now I can teach you. You ready to learn how?

Step One: Get your email service trial (link below). See top right for free 30 days.

Step Two: PM me that you did, and that you’re ready to create your own email marketing machine. I’ll show you what I’ve got coming up in my new program…

PS Email marketing is still the highest converting tool for getting customers (that means, SALES).

PS if you want to gather more leads and store them for your email auto-responder, get 30 days of aWeber free right here. 


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