How Hannah Kearney honed her preparation

The USA’s Hannah Kearney just won the women’s gold medal in skiing. Thought you’d like to see what she did for the last nine months, to prepare.

Over the last nine months:

“Every day, following her workouts, she punched data from that day’s activities into a computer. Before the preliminary round Saturday, her trainer, Alex Moore, handed Kearney a card. When she opened it, she saw a lightning bolt on the front. Inside were the totals: more than 25,000 steps climbed, 14,000 jumps with a rope or off a trampoline, 1,000 tricks off ramps into a pool of water and 126 hours spent on a bike.

Following the epic sessions, Kearney would drive home visualizing winning gold. Never did she imagine doing so by such a large margin.Nor after the 22nd place by her previous run four years ago. Story here.

What if you, starting right now, were to track your business building activities each day for the next nine months? (Business building: finding customers or recruits and any activities related to improving your skills there. I’m starting with you because you can’t rely on others for sure, can you?)

1. Which activities would you track each day?

2. How would you track them each day?

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Kim Klaver


  • Those kids work so hard for their medals. They push themselves to their limit each and every day.

    Good idea tracking your daily activities. Hmmm, when I look back at the last two days, I have to admit, I did a lot of 'busy work.' Shame on me! I pledge to do better 🙂

  • Kim,

    It's so cool to learn what the athletes do "behind the scenes"
    to create these amazing wins. My favorite part was that she
    imagimed winning gold. I wonder how many of her competitors
    wished for it, or wanted it, but didn't realize the power of
    imagining it…

    My buzzwords for 2010 are focus, organization and automation.
    I spend time every day (usually in the evening when it's most
    peaceful around here) imaging living in my dream house. I sit
    and read by the fire, I cook in the gourmet kitchen, work in
    my library/office, watch a movie in the theatre…you get the

    As for my business, I've taken the time to setup a marketing
    system where I do certain things each day. I split my time
    between mailing to safelists, and surfing for (better than free)

    I also make sure to write something every day, whether
    I manage to post it to my blog or not.

    I found that when I made the decision to get organized
    and work more efficiently, the tools I needed presented
    themselves. I believe imagining the outcome I want helps
    keep my focused on doing the right things each day to
    reach my goal.


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