How he became a blogging celebrity

Enchanting story. How could this process work for a network marketer?

“In January of 2009, I weighed 344.2 pounds. In July of 2009, I weighed 244 pounds. I eventually reached my lowest recorded weight in my adult life in early 2010 when I weighed in under 200 pounds. Today, I weigh a little bit more than 200, but also carry a lot more muscle on my frame.

In just about six months I changed my life forever. But my body wasn’t the only thing that underwent a transformation.

When I started my journey to lose weight…, I also started my very first blog: 344 Pounds. It was a way to keep me accountable for my weight to friends and family members, even though I didn’t tell them about it. In fact, nobody read the blog for months. I didn’t advertise it, didn’t know how to, and honestly expected myself to fail with the weight loss attempt (for the 1,353th time) and the blog would just die. But for once, I didn’t fail. I lost weight.

And the blog didn’t die…” (Even though nobody read it for months.) More here.

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