Vote. What should Lulu do?

Two questions. Vote your mind. I’ll post the responses as soon as we hit 50.

NOTE: Please tell why you chose what you did in the box. A check mark will appear, not to worry. Just write your thoughts. Everything is anonymous, so you can be extra honest.

REMEMBER TO CLICK ‘Done’ at the bottom of the survey page. Scroll down.

Results so far here. To see the interesting comments, click on “Show replies” in turquoise, to the left side of the response page, under the question.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    Interesting set of questions. Checked the survey results now and I didn't seem to get the more popular answer!

    Anyhow, this post of yours really got me thinking. More than a dose of theories, I truly welcome activities like this that keep my brain working.

    Have a great 2011!

  • I have a question: Why does it have to be 'all or nothing'? Why either/or?

    I can understand the need to be familiar with all that is there but must one be excellent at all things? That idea would scare me as a potential business person.

    "I do one thing, I do it well, and then I move on to the next." (Charles Emerson Winchester III – M*A*S*H)

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