How they train elephants.

Or, on the importance of “right association.”

“When a wild elephant is to be tamed and trained, the best way to begin is by yoking it to one that has already been through the process. By contact, the wild one comes to see that the condition it is being led toward is not wholly incompatible with being an elephant — that what is expected of it does not contradict its nature categorically, but heralds a condition that, though startlingly different, is viable. The constant, immediate, and contagious example of its yoke fellow can teach it as nothing else can.

Training for the life of the spirit (or learning, KK) is no different. The transformation facing the untrained is neither smnaller than the elephant’s nor less demanding. Without visible evidence that success is possible, without a continuous transfusion of courage, discouragement is bound to set in…” -Huston Smith, Buddhism, 2004.

Smith is also the author of “The Soul of Christianity.”

Isn’t this what Jesus meant when he told his disciples to go “two-by-two”, side by side, to tell the story? One who was trained, the other in training, watching and being in the “right association” with the trained one?

Two-by-two been one of the most reliable training methods in training new people in door-to-door and direct sales. For the same reasons it works for the elephants.

Is there anyone in our business anymore who practices two-by-two with a new recruit?

For example, learning to talk to people together first, e.g. cadaver calling together, before the new recruit goes calling on their best prospects? Something which you know many will do no matter what you say?

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