The Case for Fanatics…

Tonight I had a group of guys who were discussing how to get more aces, or evangelist types, to help them build their businesses.

I told them a story…

There are two major organic food markets in the Kansas City area, where I am right now: Whole Foods and Wild Oats.

Someone who works at the Wild Oats store related recently how the new owners there had decided to add “regular” products like Tide and Crest toothpaste, because, they thought their customers might want to buy those things there, instead of having to go to say Price Chopper, to get them.

The other store, Whole Foods, is planning to do the opposite: go ALL organic, and drop lines that are not organic from their stores.

Question 1: Which store would you go to?

(Response: about half and half)

Question 2: Which store do you think organic fanatics will go to? (Are there regular grocery store fanatics, even?)

(Response: to the all-organic store)

Question 3. Which kind of people would you prefer to represent YOUR product line? Fanatics or luke-warm, half hearted ones?

(Response: fanatics)

Indeed. Fanatics will tell fence-sitter friends of theirs where to shop, so you don’t have to. Luke warm ones won’t.

There are way fewer fanatics than luke warm types, and if you can attract a fanatic, because YOU are one, you will earn their loyalty and their evangalism. Saves you marketing effort for the luke warm ones.

If you are a fanatic, and act like it, other fanatics will join you.

Are you fanatic about what you market? Do you love it madly because of what it did for you in your life?

Do you know how to tell that fanatic story so other fanatics hear the call and come running?

P.S. As an organic fanatic, where do you think I will be shopping from now on?

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