How to connect instantly to the new podcast in iTunes

The new podcast (online audio show), “Talking about Your Great Thing” with yours truly, is now available in one click, on iTunes. (It is not dial-up friendly.)

If you do not have iTunes downloaded already, then, after you click on the link, you will see a little pop-up window telling you that a program will download, and asking permission. Click “Launch Application”, since that program refers to the iTunes program, which is free, from Apple. That’s what you need to play the audio – er, podcast.

If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer, do that first.
Download iTunes (free)

Then either navigate around iTunes for “podcasts” and enter my name in the box on the lower left side – Kim Klaver – and my show will show up. If it’s a hassle, just come back here after you’ve downloaded iTunes and click on the link below.

If you already have iTunes on your computer, that pop-up will not appear.

Anyway, when you see the podcast and my mugshot, click SUBSCRIBE (to the right of pic). Everything is on the house. Each time you go check there, whatever new program I have will show up for you to hear. I plan to do one per week.

The first two episodes are my interview with Mary Jane Medlock. “How she got 2497 customers in 2.5 years…”

Kim’s new Podcast click here.

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