How to become an expert in one step (repeated)

Wouldn’t you rather get help from an expert when you have a problem?

Expert status is very magnetic. So writes Dan Kennedy in his book, No B.S. Guide to Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs.

“Everybody prefers dealing with an expert if and when they can. If you suffer from blinding headaches, and you can get to the doctor who wrote ‘The Official Guide to Drug-Free Headache Relief’, who has a newspaper column about headaches you’ve seen, and who’s on the radio, you would rather go see him about your problem than any other “ordinary” doctor…”

Apply this to your network marketing business. Whether you focus on what the product has done for you, or the business opp – your prospect too, prefers an expert.

After all, you’re offering to show them how to lose weight or how to make money, right? Wouldn’t you want someone you seek out for those things to have done more than sign a $25 application and attended a company few rallies?

The good news: Having expert status is self-created, writes Kennedy.

Kennedy learned it from Earl Nightingale:

“You can make yourself a world class expert in most fields simply by studying every available resource for an hour a day for just a year.”

Dan Kennedy made himself into a top expert in the field of direct marketing – entirely through self study, with no academic or experience qualifications whatsoever – in less than three years. And he began charging high fees from the very beginning. (p66-7). Because now he had expert status (compared to his clients).

Now you: What area of your business do you want to get your expert status in?

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Kim Klaver


  • When it comes to knowledge about business and marketing, Dan Kennedy is indeed one of the best.

    Many people don't know that as a kid, he had a stuttering problem. He also declared bankruptcy in his early years of self employment.

    Yet he persevered, continued educating himself in the fields of business, marketing and public speaking, and is today a millionaire many times over.

    The key is, as you said, we can all copy success, as long as we're willing to do the same things successful people have done.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • Thanks Kim!

    I really believe in that study each day will not only have you be the expert but also the growth potential and enthusiasm will also be benefical.

  • Wow Kim you have no idea how perfect the timing of this post is for me!

    I felt like this was especially for me:
    What area of your business do you want to get your expert status in?

    I'm starting a new class with someone I consider a dear friend and a brilliant teacher. It took some time for me to decide if I could manage it right now.

    I am ready and this class-person is going to help me with the expert status. It won't happen over night. It will involve daily study. I'm not in a rush because everything I learn I will use in my daily life.


  • I write a blog about health issues affecting seniors. I do not have a health background, but I enjoy researching as well as attending health-related events. Hence, it's a way for me to become an "expert" without actually being one. Actually, I'm just a reporter and I love being able to quote the experts without personally needing the expertise. Really a lot of fun!

  • I can't agree more with your post. I am all about education and continued learning. That is the most important aspect of my own success. Such you, I also like Dan Kennedy's book. He is able to break very complex concepts and explain it in plain English.
    Thank you,

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