How to build a following of devotees

Found this and HAD to share, yep. Right in the middle of the 7 STEPS for building a customer base series here.

How do you present your ideas to so that others on a similar track look to you for guidance? So you become a leader of a tribe, so to speak?

Wonderful advice for writers, marketers, photographers – anyone seeking to build a following or an audience:

• Style is a voice, not a prop or an action. If you can buy it, borrow it, download it, or steal it, it is not a style. Don’t look outward for your style; look inward.

• Know your stuff. Luck is a nice thing, but a terrifying thing to rely on. It’s like money; you only have it when you don’t need it.

• Never apologize for your own sense of beauty (or values-kk). Nobody can tell you what you should love. Do what you do brazenly and unapologetically. You cannot build your sense of aesthetics on a consensus.

• Say no. Say it often. It may be difficult, but you owe it to yourself and your clients. Turn down jobs that don’t fit you, say no to overbooking yourself. You are no good to anyone when you’re stressed and anxious.

• Learn to say, “I’m a photographer” (or whatever – kk) out loud with a straight face. If you can’t say it and believe it, you can’t expect anyone else to, either.

• You cannot specialize in everything.

• You don’t have to go into business just because people tell you that you should!…MORE NUGGETS HERE.

Number one – finding your voice, your style – is a biggie for folks in a NM company. Most reps are marketing the same product line. How do you develop your style, your focus, and set yourself apart from the others?

By “others” I mean first others in the same company. And second, marketers who sell competing products. Hint: start with what’s important to YOU about what you market (not the company or your upline or anyone else). You can see why I made some big changes in marketing approach here – based on what became important to me (free excerpt).

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    Thanks for highlighting those tips and pointing us to that post.

    The one that hit me was the suggestion that photographers learn to say, "I'm a photographer" with a straight face. It occurs to me that there's not many network marketers who would dare say, "I'm a network marketer," to their friends.

    That is likely due to fear of rejection or other concerns, but I expect for most people saying that would be an important step toward success.

    Steve DeVane

  • Kim thank you so much for this post! I read the full article (thanks for the source also) and found it so helpful. Especially this tip, (works well for webistes, blogs) Remember that if your work (site-blog) looks like everyone else's, there's no reason for a client to book (buy from) you instead of someone else. In other words, find your own voice and write from your passion. Great advice that I will gladly visit!

    Thank you Kim


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