STEP 3: Get the Cred…

(If recruiting isn’t going as fast as you’d hoped, consider, instead of quitting, building a steady customer base. STEP ONE here. STEP TWO here.)

Cred. Do you have any for the product you’re selling?

Step 3. Do the thing; get the cred and the power (borrowed from Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Credibility. Do you have it for the product(s) you are marketing?

If not, you gotta get it. Authority and power are magnetic. They give you that air of credibility. You need that when you talk to the converted (see STEP ONE). And no degrees are necessary here:

Who wouldn’t rather be coached for tennis by an experienced, avid tennis player, versus someone who doesn’t play but has read a book?

How to get the power. Do it until you can’t.

Mozart was gifted, but he also practiced playing piano so much that by the time he was 28, his fingers had become deformed. Michael Jordan was the top basketball player in the NBA, and Jerry Rice was the #1 receiver in the NFL when he played (receiving for 49er QB Joe Montana). Both Jordan and Rice practiced more during the week, in between games, than anyone else on their teams.

Similarly, if getting your weight back down is all you think about, you’ll be doing much in your life around that theme. “It’s all she thinks about and talks about!”

You read stuff online and off, talk about it, dream about it, it’s a major life-focus for you. Soon you’ll be talking to others who are on the path, or who have gone before you – converts. Of course you become knowledgeable – and when you recommend a weight loss product, you’ll be suddenly credible.

If practicing sounding engaging is what you want to practice a few hundred times, there’s a local, free and endless source of leads in the If My Product’s So Great… book – in the chapter, Cadaver Calling. Wonderful stuff has happened to a few folks who did that.

P.S. Easily distracted by other products your company launches that are not related to your fave? Here’s a quick house read to stay focused: Deadly Distractions right here.) (That’s a free excerpt from book “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” If you love audio and want to get into customer building that way, consider the options here. Click on the text to see if that’s the stuff you want to get the power in.

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  • Kim…
    Again you are on the money. Having a touch of ADD, and being a creative person my biggest problem is staying focused.

    On top of that it seems that when you are in a rough spot in your current business that's when someone comes along with a diversion. Have I jumped on them.. yep! Was I happy… NO!

    After wasting time and energy and money, I found out how silly I was. If I had only worked thru that rough spot in my own business, kept focused and stayed the course, how much further I would be. And how much more successful.

    It is so great to get back into your teachings again, especially your "If My Products So Great…" book. I'm getting back to getting focused on what works for me, not the herd.

    Thanks Kim…

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